Wild booster


As far as self-descriptive yet easy-to-pronounce names for online slots go, Wild Booster is right up there with the best. As the name would suggest, this fun slot game can indeed look quite old-fashioned, but that’s because it has a host of fun bonus features, which includes a killer payout, a number of big multipliers, plus an entertaining free spins all on top of that. That’s why we love it.

The Wild Booster slot machine game operates in much the same way as other online slots games. There are two symbols beside the play button: one shows a price while the other shows a value. You’ll need to click on the “buy” symbol before you can move onto the play phase. When you click this button, you’ll instantly gain access to a random number generator (RNG). What this does is generate a number that’s much higher than the actual randomly generated number by the casino, giving players an edge when they want to win more than the actual casino can.

Although the graphics are a bit outdated, this old-school Wild Booster theme is surprisingly fun to play. We even happened to be able to snag a few bonus icons, which can shorten the reel reels and add points to your winnings. Bonus icons can be earned by playing certain combinations of reels, so we recommend that you collect as many as you can for maximum multiplier potential.

But before we get too deep into the exciting news about how to play Wild Booster, we have to touch on a bit of development history. Just recently, the game received its first update, which brought about several new features, such as leader boards and leaderboard slots. In addition, the game received its latest addition: the Wild Booster: Chronicles of Doom, which is the third in the slot portfolio continues of the game.

Let’s talk about the game’s icon, the Wild Booster slot machine. The classic look and feel of the Wild Booster icon, a cartoon Wild Bull, has been faithfully recreated in the game. In addition, the symbols on the machine are all taken from the icon, giving users a visual touch of the game. This fresh and unique feature makes the game very fun to play, especially when you get lucky and hit the jackpot icons.

Aside from the icons, the game also offers a number of other free features. For example, aside from the regular reels, the game allows you to play a slot machine using four wild multipliers. These multipliers are exclusive to this game and cannot be found anywhere else. This gives the game an element of strategy since you need to use them wisely or face an immediate loss of coins again. And since most of the free spins require you to use one of the four wild multipliers, it would be wise to use them wisely in order to maximize your winning potentials.

Also, the Wild Booster includes two other popular features: the Super Boost Free Spins and the 5 scatters Free Spin feature. The Super Boost Free Spins is a feature that allows you to get coins from a machine without having to leave the playing area. On the other hand, the 5 scatters Free Spin feature allows you to place your icons on five different reels without having to move your mouse to select them. These features have their own unique purposes, and they are not found in any other slot machine available in the market.

To sum it up, the Wild Booster has a lot of exciting features packed into one neat package. Aside, from the cool looking icon and the exciting free spin and bonus games, this slot machine also has a very cool and unique Free Trial Game feature. It is similar to the one featured on the Ace Plinks feature found in many other machines. You can try the slot game without spending any coins by simply downloading the trial version of the game for free. When you feel that you are ready to try out the slot machine for real, then you can make it out to the real version by purchasing it. This Wild Booster review should be considered as a must read for those who are considering buying the game.

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