Power of thor megaways


So what’s so great about the Power of Thor Megaways? It’s simple: it’s a very easy game to pick up and play, and yet it’s full of tricks that make it challenging too. First, the cute little mohawking statues attract to mind Vikings Unleashed Megaways – this is one of Power of Thor’s major competitors, though admittedly, not by any means a close runner up.

But, Pragmatic Play’s game definitely has less goofy-casualty humour than Blueprint Gaming’s game, at least when comparing general “machinery” effects. It’s clear to see that the creators of Power of Thor were trying to create a game that was in between the two big games; that is, a game where you could still feel the bits and pieces of the story being woven into the game, but yet feel challenged enough to keep playing to unlock more possibilities.

One thing that can be said about the Power of Thor Megaways is that its mechanics can be quite polished. Like many of the other examples of these “free spin” games, you have the option to perform three different actions during each of your turns. This makes for some nice replay ability, because you can try out a new tactic against the same opponent after you’ve used a particular strategy the first time. Overall, it’s a good game; it just needs a little more polish than many of its competitors.

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