Gates of olympus


Take a trip to the house of ancient Greek deities with Gates of Olympus. The Gates of Olympus slots is a 6-frame progressive casino game in which you win either by matching Greek symbols or by purchasing coins that are dropped by the machines. It’s compatible with most PCs, iOS, and android phones and you are able to play for a maximum of six stakes at any of the top online casinos. The graphics are very nice and it’s fairly challenging, though not extremely complex. It’s worth a look if you’re looking for a solid casino game with a bit of action.

This is one of those games that are very easy to understand and play, even for new players. It’s also a very good introduction to the game of skill and strategy as there is no real-time strategy involved. You’ll need to select the Greek symbols that are randomly dropped on the reel, match them with the icons that are shown on your reels, and then you just wait. If you get lucky you will have a double payout and if you are unlucky you will get a single payout, but that’s about it.

This is the game that taught me the real value of multipliers. With Gates of Olympus you can buy up to three additional Greek symbols on reels without spending any coins. By using these multipliers you can fill your bankroll as low as possible. Once you hit that bankroll ceiling you start seeing sweet bonanza. multipliers that give you three times as much money as you started out with!

The only thing that slows down the process is that you have to manually flip through several reels before finding the right symbol you want. The flip feature is unfortunately only available on the Trial and error menus. The better option is to turn this feature on and let the program do it for you. It is a small but handy feature. When you load up the game for the first time, you will notice a nice little add on a panel that has a button to activate the free flips.

This button is very useful because it allows you to find the correct Greek symbol for a Greek game without having to try to memorize all of the symbols. Each symbol in the Greek game is color coded according to its placement on the reels. The bottom line is that with this button you will be able to quickly find the right symbol on the right Greek reel. In fact, if you use the free skips feature you will not have to worry about remembering which symbol you are supposed to use on what Greek reel.

Some of the more challenging levels have gates that open and close as they move. It can be hard to predict when a gate is about to close. For this reason the developers made this possible with the use of the scatter symbol. This lets you know exactly how many times the gates have closed. This makes it very easy to memorize when you see two or more gates that are moving simultaneously. This also prevents you from accidentally closing your gates on the very next turn.

On some of the harder levels there are special obstacles that you need to beat. They make the game more challenging because they trigger different symbols when walking over. These symbols are placed in certain positions on the reels. You have a limited number of tries before they trigger, so mastering the proper placement of each symbol is crucial to winning the game.

In conclusion, Gates of Olympus is a well designed and well polished online slot game. It has all the basic features that you would expect of any good Greek God like the scatter symbols for picking up items. There are even small animations for the gods of mythology to look at. As I said, though, this game could use some more work and updates to make it more enjoyable and therefore worth the money you spend to download it.

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