Low Vs High Volatility Online Slots

When you’re looking at online slots, you may wonder which is the better low to high volatility online slot machine to play. There are pros and cons to both of them depending on your individual circumstances. High volatility simply means more risk for you, meaning more money to win. Low volatility means less risk, with more often smaller but still potentially big wins.

In a low volatility game the key to earning big bucks is by choosing slots that have the lowest rates of bankroll loss. Most people would pick a low volatility slot machine such as a video slot or a slot machine with a lower re-buy price. There are some advantages and disadvantages to playing these types of slots as well.


Online Slots with high volatility can sometimes be a good choice if you have a small bankroll

The biggest pro to playing these slots is the potential for big wins. The biggest con is the possibility of losing a lot of your bankroll on one spin. The pros and cons of low to high volatility slots are dependent on individual preferences.

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Most slot machines with high volatility offer multiple lines, whether black or red, so you’re not stuck choosing between high or low. The main advantage to playing high volatility online slots is that you don’t need to have a lot of money in order to cash in big. The biggest disadvantage is that you may get caught up in the excitement of the first few spins and lose a bit of money. Online slot machines with low to medium volatility are a great choice if you’re playing for money and just want to make some quick cash.

Slots that are less often targeted by casino slots are also known for having less volatility. Because the payouts are random, there’s no real way for the slot machines to gauge your success. These types of slot machines are great if you’re looking for fast payouts and don’t like the idea of stopping at several different machines.

High volatility slot machines tend to offer lower payouts. This means that winning takes longer and you’ll more than likely hit the wall before seeing your goal. For those who enjoy the thrill of hitting the slot machine after a long wait, this type of slot machine is ideal. In terms of long-term winners, these slots aren’t as profitable as other types of slots. You are more likely to get a lower return on your investment.

Low volatility slot players, on the other hand, benefit from fast paying jackpots. Because the payouts are faster, slot players who enjoy hitting multiple jackpots during a single gaming session can enjoy huge payouts. In addition, low-volatility slots tend to have fewer lineups. This means that you have a better chance of finding an open slot.

In essence, it all boils down to the casino’s incentive to make sure that their slots pay off quickly. In an effort to do this, they introduce a random number generator into the game. This allows them to easily determine payback rates. For those players who enjoy the thrill of hitting multiple free spins, these slots will provide the greatest benefits. For slot players who prefer to play for small sums of money over a long period of time, high variance slots will allow them to maximize their returns.


Play the slots in the same casino where you plan to use your slots machine

If you use a separate slot machine for each one, you may find that you lose more frequently. This is because the odds of hitting a winning number changes dramatically between individual machines. Therefore, slot players who use the same machines at different times may be more likely to miss winning combinations. It is in the casino’s best interest to ensure that they offer you consistent payouts no matter where you play.

Low Volatility Slots

There is another advantage to playing slots with high volatility, and that is the possibility of winning multiple prizes. This can add up to a nice sum if you play long enough. However, keep in mind that the jackpot prize increases exponentially as your bankroll increases; therefore, you need to be willing to play more than one slot at a time to collect your maximum winnings.

So, now you know how to choose the low volatility slots to play at. The final consideration involves the amount of money that you are willing to risk on a winning streak. While the chance of hitting a jackpot can increase dramatically, it is also true that the losses from losing a jackpot can be rather steep. Therefore, it would be prudent for slot players to balance their desire for large winnings with their willingness to take a loss on the occasional losing streak. By doing so, you will have a well-balanced game that you can win long run.

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